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Scent Training Aids

The Regin Powder-Puffer 
contains very fine Silica powder, particle size 0.007 microns with an enormous external surface area of 350 m2/g. When the bottle is squeezed this powder is released in the air forming powder "smoke" which is non-toxic and odor free. The Powder-Puffer is used for checking wind direction and air currents.  Approx. 200 "Puffs" per bottle.
Item:W272      $6.49
Our New & Improved Scent Tubes
 Screw on Caps for Easy Loading, Rope Handles, 16 holes per tube and 
Various Color Tabs for Cataloging of Contents, hot/cold etc. 
 Specific Colors Available on Request. 
 Cap ends are Glued on for Extra Security.
Scent Tube

1 1/4" x 8" Long

Item: W184   $10.99 each


Order 5 for only $39.99

Select Size
Scent Tube

1" x 8" Long

Item: W178   $10.99 each


Irregular 9"-10" lengths
1" and 1 1/4" diameter
 While supplies last

$6.99 each

Sold Out
Gauze Dressing Sponges
Non-sterile, 4'"x4"
Box of 200

Item:WK249      $8.59


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