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K9 Breeze Crate Pads and Pillows

K9 Breeze Crate Pads and Pillows
are a revolutionary accessory containing scientifically designed crystals that work effectively to help cool your K9 by the process of evaporation.  The crate pads do not need to cover the entire bottom of the crate as most K9s will lay on them as needed. The pillows are used to hold up on the K9's groin to aid with rehab.  Cold pillows from the fridge or ice chest are most effective.  While the crystals are non-toxic, these products should not be used with dogs that chew up their bedding or used without supervision.
Simply soak the dry Crate Pad or Pillow in clean water for approx. 40 minutes or until the crystals become a gel, spread the gel with your fingers for even distribution.  K9 Breeze Crate Pads and Pillows will stay cool and keep on cooling by the process of evaporation, and they are reusable again and again. Only short soakings are necessary to recharge after the initial soaking.  Store it in the refrigerator or hang to dry. Hand wash as oversoaking is not recommended.


9"x13" Crate Pad
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12"x17" Crate Pad
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16"x23" Crate Pad
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6"x6" Pillow
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